FreeTeknoTribe Podcast ED #03

Hi Mates,

Edition 3 is online now.

On each edition we seek new tunes from DJs,Producers who uploaded their Tracks here on Soundcloud and on the show MadPax (your host for the FTT Podcast) presents you some tracks from different DJs/Crews/6tems/PROducers and feeds you with some Infos and Links aaaand some NONsense. 😉
If you like the Podcast and want be part of the TR!B3 send us your tunes or visit our homepage.



Podcast Cru²³
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DJ Host: MadPax,
Webmaster: pAT.tack
M!zz Artdesigner: Lory
WE thank YOU a lot for listen our / YOUR Podcast.

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As well on iTunes Store (for FREE of course): Click Podcast > search FREETEKNOTRIBE
A WAY Much more is coming,
“stay tuned” . 🙂

|| 1 1/2h Tekno Podcast // with your host MadPax// INFOS  about the current played Track, the DJs and/or Producer ||

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FreeTeknoTribe Podcast Ed 02

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ED. #02

|| 1h Podcast // HOST MadPax// INFOS about the current played Track, the DJs and/or Producer ||

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